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Rebecca Klasfeld, LCSW Women's Counseling Boca Raton FLADo You Feel Stuck and Unfulfilled in Your Life?

Are you a woman who has reached a stage of transition in life, such as a career change, the end of a relationship or an empty nest? Have you begun questioning your life and your values, especially if you’re reaching middle age? Perhaps you are unsure of who you want to be and how you want to live. Maybe you can’t quite pinpoint the source of your emotions, but know that you haven’t been feeling good, happy or comfortable in your own skin. Do you wish that you could meet your own needs, discover a sense of purpose and find contentment, confidence and satisfaction within yourself?

Trying to navigate your life can be a confusing, isolating and distressing experience. You may be feeling uneasy, hopeless and unsupported and wonder if you really can make changes in your life. Maybe you feel undervalued in your career and your relationships, making it a struggle to recognize your own worth. You might be unsure of what to do with each day and questioning what the next chapter of your life may hold. Perhaps you aren’t quite certain what you want.

Many Women Face Periods of Uncertainty and Unease

If you are feeling lost and disengaged from your life, you are not alone. It is very common to feel uncomfortable and directionless at some point in life, especially during times of transition and change. Many women make big decisions in their 20s only to find that, as they grow and evolve, those choices no longer reflect who they really are and what they really want. Few of us remain exactly the same throughout the entire course of our lives.

Life takes us on many roads that we may not plan for, forcing us to adapt to new circumstances and reconsider our role. Relationships sometimes fail or grow old and children grow up. These changes can be frightening and painful, but they can also offer you the chance to take stock of your life and discover what you really want for the future. In addition, so many women spend much of their time nurturing others, which can leave little time for self-reflection and self-care. Thankfully, with the support of a qualified therapist, you can start taking time to nurture yourself.

Women’s Counseling Can Help You Discover What Makes You Happy

Regardless of what you are struggling with, women’s counseling can offer you a safe, supportive space to move out of your comfort zone, try new things and discover peace and satisfaction. You can identify your deeply held values and find a sense of purpose. I am a warm, goal-oriented therapist who will use a direct approach to help you figure out what you want and how to get there. With support and guidance, you can begin to feel empowered to make lasting, positive changes in your life.

During women’s counseling, I can help you find your own inner happiness, without relying on external sources for approval or fulfillment. I utilize EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy in order to help you challenge mal-adaptive thought processes and self-limiting beliefs. So many women become stuck in negative thinking that contributes to self-imposed limits. I can help you break out of these patterns and develop a sense of empowerment and self-actualization. When you are able to stop falling into a cycle of self-defeat, so much can become possible for you.

As a mother of three who went back to school in my late 40s, I understand how challenging periods of transition can be. But, both my professional and personal experience has proven to me that productive change is possible. You can find profound fulfillment and happiness in your life, no matter how old you are or what your history is.

I invite you to consider what your ideal life looks like and what is holding you back from living that life. Together, we can plot a path that can lead you to where you want to be. You can develop hope and a belief in yourself. With self-compassion and renewed confidence, it is possible to build the future you want.


You may believe that women’s counseling can help you make positive changes in your life, but still have questions or concerns…

I don’t have the money or the time for therapy.

Walk and Talk TherapyWomen’s counseling is an investment in your long-term well-being. While it may seem uncomfortable or even impossible to spend money or time on yourself, I invite you to consider the cost of refusing help. You’re on this webpage because you’re likely feeling unhappy, confused and disappointed in where life has brought you. Therapy can offer you a safe space to work through all of these feelings without a fear of judgment or disapproval. Sometimes, the voice that tells us that self-care is not worth the time or money is another self-limiting voice, a defeating thought that often stems from low self-worth. You don’t need to put a limit on your potential happiness.

My partner won’t be happy with me if I go to therapy and make changes.

Women are often conditioned to be nurturers. It is common for women to put the feelings of others before themselves. But, if you are unhappy, I invite you to consider why you are putting your partner’s happiness before your own. Have you always lived your life trying to make others happy? Perhaps you are used to making sacrifices, and the idea of doing something for yourself makes you uncomfortable. But, it is important to care for yourself. In addition, if you are deeply unhappy, it is unlikely that you are fully able to support others. You deserve to feel fulfilled in your life.

Do I really need women’s counseling? I am uncomfortable with the idea of change.

Change can be scary, but it can be important to question the source of your discomfort. If you are already feeling unhappy, what is the worst consequence that change can bring? The fear of change can be another self-limiting thought that is keeping you stuck in unproductive patterns. By taking the time to clarify your values and your goals, you can begin to make changes that will bring you closer to the life you want.

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