Teen Counseling

Rebecca Klasfeld, LCSE Teen Counseling Boca Raton FLAAre You Worried About Your Teen’s Well-Being?

Have you noticed a change in your teen’s behavior that has left your worried about his or her well-being? Is your teen acting withdrawn, refusing to speak to you about his or her feelings even when you try to start a conversation? Maybe you feel shut out of your teen’s life and concerned about his or her irritability, aggression, sadness or stress. You may feel helpless as you watch your teen’s grade’s slip or sleeping and eating habits change in unhealthy ways. Perhaps your teen doesn’t seem to interact with friends anymore, or you worry about the people he or she does hang out with. Are you overwhelmed by your teen’s mood swings and unsure of what you can do to help? Do you wish you could help your teen feel supported, understood and happy?

Adolescence can be an exhausting, stressful time for teens and their parents. Maybe your teen seems defeated and disengaged, and you worry that he or she doesn’t enjoy doing anything anymore. Your teen may struggle to express him or herself, leading to arguments or avoidance. You may feel as though you have no idea what is going on in your teen’s life, even though you are trying to offer guidance and love. Perhaps you worry that your teen is facing something serious, and you feel utterly lost

Many Teenagers Face Social, Academic and Personal Challenges

If your teen son or daughter seems to be going through a tough time, he or she is not alone. The adolescent years are challenging for everyone. Not only is your teen dealing with physical changes that can lead to increased self-consciousness, he or she may also be facing new academic pressure, complicated social dynamics and confusion about his or her identity and purpose. Self-doubt, low self-esteem and stress are very common among teenagers.

To top it all off, modern teens rarely get a break from feeling as though they are on display. Social media and smartphones make it easy to keep track of your peers’ accomplishments at every second, and many teens feel as though everyone else is cooler, more popular or happier than they are. Your teen may also be putting his or her image and ideas on social media sites for others to judge, which can lead to increased anxiety and sadness if your teen does not get the response he or she hopes for. Life as a modern teenager can be overwhelming and exhausting. Thankfully, with help, your teen can develop a greater sense of self and begin to feel more confident in every aspect of his or her life.

Teen Counseling Can Help Your Son or Daughter Feel Equipped to Face Life’s Challenges

No matter what your teen is struggling with, teen counseling can help him or her feel empowered as a confident, strong individual. Many teenagers struggle to express their thoughts and feelings with clarity. Therapy can help your teen develop the tools needed to speak openly and honestly about his or her experiences and get to the root of the problems he or she is facing. With greater confidence in his or her thoughts and voice, your teen can feel more capable of navigating the challenges of adolescence.

Counseling can offer your son or daughter a safe space to work through private, confusing fears and worries. I am an open-minded, accepting and compassionate therapist, and I will meet your teen where he or she is. In sessions, I will offer guidance and support as your teen develops the skills he or she needs to move through the world with greater self-assurance and ease. It is my goal to help my clients gain a deeper understanding of their values so that they can picture and pursue the life they want.

During therapy, I can help your teen develop important communication skills. He or she can learn how to get in touch with and cope with difficult emotions, gain internal clarity and feel capable of asking for help now and in the future. If your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, the after-effects of trauma or another painful experience, I can help him or her feel validated and heard as he or she moves toward healing and relief.

You don’t need to feel helpless as you watch your teen withdraw or act out. It is possible for your son or daughter to feel better and achieve greater mental, physical and emotional well-being. Counseling for teens can help your child can feel empowered to be his or her best self.


You may believe that teen counseling can help your child enjoy life more, but still have questions or concerns… 

My teen doesn’t have any time for counseling. 

Walk and Talk TherapySo many teenagers have a lot on their plates – from schoolwork to sports to rehearsals and more. But, if your son or daughter is struggling with complicated, distressing thoughts or feelings, he or she may not feel able to engage fully with all of the things going on in his or her life. By taking the time for self-care and developing communication and coping skills, your teen can make the most of all of his or her opportunities again.

Will teen counseling help me feel more connected to my teen? 

If your teenager shares something with me that indicates that he or she may be in danger of self-harm or harm to others, then it is my job to report that information. However, everything else your teen shares with me will be confidential. It is important that your son or daughter feels safe and comfortable in teen counseling sessions. He or she might need an objective adult to talk to without fear of judgment or punishment. Although you may not know exactly what we discuss in sessions, you are likely to see your teen engage in life with greater confidence and optimism. And, as your teen develops stronger self-awareness and communication skills, you can start to have experience a greater connection.

I doubt my teen will open up to anyone.

Your teen may not yet have the communication skills he or she needs. Or, he or she might be criticizing him or herself for having fears, hurts and worries, which may impact his or her ability to share. In counseling with teens, your child can learn how important it is to express thoughts and feelings, develop a greater awareness of his or her experiences and feel more empowered to speak with confidence.

Your teen can begin to embrace the world. I invite you to call 561-441-9933 for a free phone consultation or initial assessment. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about teen counseling and my practice.