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Rebecca Klasfeld, LCSW Girl's Teen Group Counseling Boca Raton FLADoes Your Daughter Seem Sad, Irritable and Withdrawn?

Have you noticed a distressing change in your daughter’s mood, attitude or behavior? Are you worried that she is struggling with something serious? Is your teen or young adult avoiding you or shutting down when you ask what’s wrong? Maybe your daughter seems isolated and depressed, and you wonder if she has a supportive group of friends that she can turn to. It may seem as though your daughter is struggling to express herself. Do you feel as though there is nothing you can do to help? Do you wish you could help your daughter feel happy and gain an overall sense of well-being?

Your teen may seem self-defeated and insecure. Maybe she is making negative comments about her appearance, schoolwork, intelligence or performance in other areas of her life. You might feel disheartened by your teen’s low sense of self-worth and worry about her future. Perhaps your teen has been aggressive or has lashed out at you in apparent frustration. Or, maybe you have very few clues about what your teen might be feeling, but sense that things aren’t quite right. You may be wondering how you can support your daughter through this difficult time.

Many Girls Struggle Through Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Teens and young adults balance so many challenges. They struggle with the demands of school, social groups and extracurriculars. Many feel weighed down by the pressure to excel early or risk falling behind their peers. In addition to figuring out how to balance everyday life, they are also faced with huge questions about who they are, who they want to be and what kind of future they want to or should create. Also, modern young women are confronted with endless pressures, such as body image issues, sexuality and hormonal changes.

The media has long attempted to tell young women how they should look and act. Now, most girls are also using social media, which means they are endlessly connected to images of their peers and given feedback about their own behavior. Between texting, emailing and other apps, teens never have a reprieve from social stress. So much online communication is brief and indirect, which can lead to new challenges in figuring out the best mode of self-expression, as well as difficulties interpreting what friends or love interests might be saying. The world is a fraught place for young women. It can be hard to maintain self-esteem and a sense of ease when they feel as though they are under the microscope all the time. Thankfully, regardless of what your daughter is going through and why, there is a way for her to find a supportive group of peers and develop a sense of confidence and optimism for the future.

Our Teen Group Counseling Can Help Your Daughter Feel Empowered

Your daughter, like many young women, may be feeling alone and hopeless. But, through teen group counseling, she can begin to connect with other young women who are also struggling to manage the difficulties of school, extracurriculars and social issues. During group counseling sessions, your daughter can see that her feelings, thoughts and experiences are normal, and that she is not alone in fears, worries and hopes. And, our groups are small, intimate and safe spaces for your daughter to express herself and gain the confidence she needs to create a fulfilling, joyful life.

Through sessions that incorporate yoga, art and talk therapy, your daughter can become more connected in mind, body and spirit and better equipped to face life’s challenges as they arise. The yoga we will practice is mild, with a focus on breathing and mindfulness, so your daughter doesn’t have to worry about athletic experience or skill. Similarly, we will invite your daughter to explore different forms of art so that she can engage in creative methods of expression and work through problems in new ways. She can discover and nurture skills she may not know she has.

Teen group counseling can help your daughter connect with others and feel supported and heard. In sessions, we will cover a wide range of topics so that every participant feels empowered to navigate the challenges in her life. Your daughter’s therapists will shape sessions to the needs of the group as a whole so that the group members have a chance to learn from one another and grow both together and as individuals. By working with a nonjudgmental, supportive group of her peers, your child will also have an opportunity to develop effective communication skills and hear different insights into her experiences.

A teen group can help your daughter gain a fresh perspective on the issues in her life. By moving out of her comfort zone and engaging in new methods of expression, your daughter can develop the communication skills, confidence and sense of self that she needs to feel strong and capable in her life. With our dynamic approach, lasting growth is possible. Your daughter can discover a deeper understanding of and belief in herself, her values and her goals.


You may believe that teen group counseling can help your daughter feel more confident, but still have questions or concerns…

How much will I get to learn about what my child is going through?

Walk and Talk TherapyIt is important for your daughter to enjoy the confidentiality of therapy and feel as though she can share anything and everything. We will not talk to you about your daughter’s experiences unless something comes up that indicates she may be at risk of harming herself or others. As she develops new methods of self-expression in our group sessions, your daughter may begin to open up to you in productive ways. And, you can start to see a positive change in your daughter’s overall mood, energy levels, attitude and outlook on life.

My daughter doesn’t open up to me or anyone else. Group counseling won’t work.

Your child may feel unable to express herself or worried that she won’t be heard or understood if she tries to communicate her thoughts and feelings in her everyday life. In groups counseling, your daughter’s therapists can help her learn how valuable open, honest communication is. And, our small groups will offer your daughter a supportive space unlike those she has encountered before. We will encourage her to speak freely about her experiences while also offering her the opportunity to explore self-expression through yoga and art.

My daughter is too busy for therapy.

Your daughter’s schedule may be packed with school, sports, friends and other activities. However, even if your child is going through the motions and fulfilling her responsibilities, she may be struggling with issues on the inside. If you are worried about your daughter’s mood or behavior, it may be time to seek help. Therapy is an investment in her long-term happiness. Mental and emotional well-being are at the core of everything we do in life, and by setting aside some time to nurture herself, your daughter can feel empowered to engage fully in every aspect of her life.

Group counseling for teens and young women can help your daughter create her best self. We invite you to call 561-441-9933 for a free phone consultation or initial assessment. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about group counseling and our practice.