What happens if I cancel a session?
Please provide 24 hours’ notice for cancellations to avoid being charged for full payment of session.
I work full time. Are there weekend and evening appointments available?
Yes, I offer weekend and evening appointments. Also, for the first appointment, I can usually accommodate meeting with you within 24 to 48 hours.
Do you offer phone or Internet counseling?
Yes. While face-to-face meetings are preferred, life happens and can sometimes prevent face-to-face time. Phone and online sessions, via Skype or iChat, Facetime, etc., are available.
Do you accept private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?
I am considered an "out-of-network provider" for insurance purposes, which means that clients can submit my bills to their insurance provider for reimbursement. Managed care insurance plans can often create more problems than solutions for most clients, including threatened confidentiality, controlled fees and delayed healing. At times, particular plans do not allow for the best therapeutic interventions, dictating the entire process of counseling and limiting the much needed help that a client is seeking. All of this happens at the expense of the client. Therefore, I have decided that staying away from the control of managed care is best, and I will work with you to see that your insurance carrier reimburses you. If you have insurance that provides coverage for mental health services, I will help you receive the maximum allowable benefit. I can provide clients an industry standard receipt for services to submit for any possible reimbursement. Please check with your provider to determine eligibility, coverage and reimbursement arrangements.
How much will therapy cost?
I occasionally reduce my fee for clients who cannot afford the full fee. If you are in this category, please ask me about this option. Given the complexity of psychological evaluations, I would be happy to discuss your needs on the phone or in person in order to give you an idea of the amount of time and the costs associated with the process. My practice accepts checks, cash or credit cards.
How long is each session?
Counseling can be a highly rewarding investment, but it is often difficult or uncomfortable as we face the issues we have been avoiding. Sessions are typically 50 minutes long.
How long will it be before I get an appointment?
Schedule permitting, I will do my best to see you for a first appointment within 48 hours.
How long will counseling last?
Like any great thing in life, counseling takes commitment and effort. My therapeutic goal is to support you as you gain the tools you need to choose the reward of the extraordinary over the comfort of the ordinary. Therapy is a unique process for each person, couple and family, so there is no predetermined time frame that works for everyone. Some may need immediate help and support in a crisis situation, and once we have worked to resolve the initial crisis, you may choose to stop meeting. For others, therapy can be wide-ranging exploration of self and identity, which can be a long-term journey. I will consistently check in with you to assess your needs and to make sure our work is meaningful.
Are counseling sessions confidential?
Yes, absolutely. Information you provide is never released to anyone without your express written consent, with exception to what is mandated or permitted to report per the HIPAA Privacy Standard and/or laws of the state of Florida.
What kind of counseling do you offer?

Individual, couples and family counseling for children, adolescents and adults.

Individual therapy can allow you to set aside a special time each week to explore aspects of your personal life that you think might be improved. It is a time to focus only on the self — “me time,” in the truest sense — and is one of the most important ways to care for yourself.

When an individual seeks therapy, I ask what precipitated their call to me and what events led up to seeking support. It is important to determine what is going on in your life and what obstacles you are dealing with. Additionally, I will look at your history, upbringing, relationship with your parents and siblings and whether there was or is any alcohol or substance abuse in your family. This can help me understands patterns and coping mechanisms that you may have learned throughout your life and the impact of the environment you were raised in.

In sessions, I blend traditional talk therapy with other therapeutic models, such as somatic experiencing, imagery, walk and talk therapy, mindfulness and EMDR. Together, we will develop your individualized therapy plan in a collaborative manner. Counseling can address any issue that you might feel is problematic in your personal life.

Family counseling is an ideal option for members of a family who want to work on improving their relationships and resolving problematic issues. It is uniquely beneficial because it provides all members a chance to voice their thoughts and feelings in a safe and nurturing environment facilitated by a therapist.

Couples who come to counseling show a strong desire to work together and to improve their relationship. Each couple is unique, and my role as a counselor is to help you and your partner chart and navigate a course you design, working toward the relationship you desire. I offer couples counseling to couples of all kinds, both married and in relationships of any sexual preference. I also offer individualized premarital therapy sessions.
What can I expect the first time we meet?
Each individual, couple and family has their own unique way of relating. During our first session, we will focus on getting to know each other. I’m a very curious person, so I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes just by answering these questions, you can begin to see things in a different way. Mostly, we'll just talk about what you are experiencing right now. Then, we'll set some goals for what you would like to work on in therapy. We will discuss your immediate concerns, symptoms, history, and scheduling of future sessions. During this session, we will begin to identify the most important areas of focus for treatment and how we might work together to help you reach your goals. When working with minors, I generally ask to meet with the parent(s) or guardian(s) before meeting with the child or adolescent. This initial consultation session includes time for you to review and fill out forms. At that appointment, we can discuss and schedule a regular time for your sessions.
How do I get started?
You can call 561-441-9933 to set up an appointment.
How do I know if or when I should come to counseling?
It is okay to be unsure about therapy. Most people are. It is normal to have questions about what counseling is, how long each session will be and what kind of investment you might be expected to make. In my experience, if you are questioning whether or not you should give counseling a try, this is probably an indicator that you should. I encourage you to trust your instincts. Please take your time reviewing the information below. But, if you still have questions, just give us a call. I am happy to help.