Get help from home with secure online therapy sessions

Get help from home with secure online therapy sessions

Get help from home with secure online therapy sessionsAs the coronavirus continues, many of us are unable or unwilling to travel for an in-person therapy session. If you are already in therapy, or if you need professional emotional support, online therapy sessions or telehealth can provide the care that you need.

How do online therapy sessions work?

In advance of your session, we will send you instructions for clicking in or dialing into the session. Ideally, you will use a smartphone or a computer with a camera so that we can get the full experience of meeting, including facial expressions and body language.

What tips do you have for making online sessions work?

When you come to the office for psychotherapy, you expect an environment that is quiet, private, and professional. This is true for online therapy sessions as much as for in-person sessions! Prepare yourself a working headset (if you will be calling via computer) and a quiet room.

Will my insurance cover online sessions (behavioral telehealth)?

I take Medicare insurance, which is accepting telehealth at this time.

Will my insurance company reimburse me for an out-of-network online therapy session?

Check with your insurance company or the HR department at your employer. You can review the website of your insurance company (look for “behavioral telehealth coverage” or similar wording). If you checked before the COVID-19 outbreak, now would be the time to look again. Terms and conditions are changing rapidly.

Get started

Online therapy is secure, effective, and available. Reach out today to schedule an appointment online or on the phone. Call for an appointment or just fill out the contact form and click Send.

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