5 Keys to Dealing with Life Transitions in a Healthy Way

Whether you’re constantly breaking in a new home or have lived in the same one for a decade, life transitions happen.

And not just in the form of relocating.

A life transition could be changing jobs, a relationship status shift, or any type of big transition that greatly impacts your life.

Despite the modern world constantly evolving, life transitions can still be difficult to navigate. Not only can these times of change be incredibly stressful, but it’s easy to fall into dealing with them in unhealthy ways.

To avoid this downfall, here are the keys for dealing with big changes in a healthy way.

1. Redefine Life Transitions

For some, recognizing an upcoming life change triggers flashing red lights that scream, “Warning, change ahead!” Essentially, you might have a habit of viewing life transitions as a negative thing. You might stress out, freak out, and prepare for the worst.

Here’s the thing about life—it is what we make it. The same goes for stress. And life transitions, too, for that matter.

If stress has gotten the best of you during a life transition in the past, it’s time to challenge how you define them. Rather than seeing a huge life change as the enemy that you must conquer, view it as the beginning of another life chapter.

Though we can’t always control what happens to us, we can control our response.

2. Acknowledge the Magnitude of the Transition

Naturally, you will feel like a human concoction of fear and excitement as you embark on your life transition. And this is normal. It’s like the rush a sprinter feels while kneeling in the starting blocks before a career-defining race.

Still, you may feel overwhelmed at how much your life transition has taken over. Not only do you think about it 24/7, but you’re busy working out the logistics as well.

While this may throw a wrench in your daily regime, understand that this change is something you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. So respect that a transition this big will require a big attention span on your part.

3. Look at Your Track Record

Many life transitions aren’t exactly by choice. Perhaps you’re moving to another country because of your partner’s job situation. Maybe you’re facing an unwanted divorce or separation. Or it could be that you’re downsizing due to a job loss.

When in doubt on whether you’ll make it through this, look at your track record. You’ve successfully made it through every other life transition thus far. You will make it through this one, too.

Be sure to review your strengths regularly and encourage the face looking back at you in the mirror.

4. See What You Want to See

Consider that when you look at something, you see what you want to see. Even during big times of change in life.

Despite hurt and pain possible being the crux of your life transition, you can still find something positive in it. It may not be what you expected in your life, but look close enough and you’ll likely see some form of beauty in it.

Choose to see this as a new chapter or a new beginning. Remember that beauty can come from ashes.

5. Embrace Your Circle of Support

When it comes to undergoing a life transition, going at it alone is not typically a good idea.

Respect that your mind, body, and emotions are all going to be in overdrive during this time of transition. You may not be your best self.

Furthermore, you will do much better and fully process this life change by receiving the love and support of trusted family members and friends.

If you’re ready to handle life transitions in a more positive way, please contact me. I can help you navigate through difficult emotions and customize a strategy for you to handle big changes in a healthy way.

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