How are you dealing with retirement?

Are changes in your life presenting new challenges you feel unprepared for? Do you feel unhappy or unsettled as your life transitions into the next chapter of retirement?

What does retirement mean to you?

The concept of life after work is a new reality that many are unprepared for.  Retirement is a period of time that is often referred to as the Golden Years.

Many people joyfully anticipate life after work, planning to have the time to focus on activities that bring them great pleasure.  However, as we have experienced in every stage of life, along with the good times there are some challenges.

As you get older, it can be hard to adjust to new realities such as an empty nest, financial constraints, relationship changes, and health issues.

Retirement can be unexpectedly challenging

Adjusting to retirement can be hard. Retirement may not match up to expectations. Individuals anticipated retirement with an unrealistic view.  

Did you think that you would have greater financial security?

Sometimes retirement can make you re-evaluate your identity and the relationship you have with your partner. It may be that the two of you built a home and raised children together.  You may have spent a large portion of your life juggling family and career. Your external focus may have prevented you from thinking about each other all those years.

Retirement suddenly offers you the space to reevaluate aspects of your life that you have not had the time to think about.

How can counseling help?

You have new choices to make and new opportunities to explore.

Working with a counselor will help you sync your expectations with your current situation. A therapist will help you carve out a plan for transitioning into retirement with satisfaction, taking into consideration what really matters to you.  

A therapist will help you to set up a new routine that will allow for ample time to take care of responsibilities, as well as enjoy your leisure time. It is important to maintain a sense of purpose and a focus on what will contribute to happiness.

I’m here to help

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I do accept Medicare and look forward to speaking with you.

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