Reconnecting after an empty nest

Reconnecting after an empty nest

reconnecting after an empty nest

As the last child moves out of the house, many couples will experience mixed emotions. This will be an adjustment period as parents experience a sense of loss as their children spread their wings. While some parents will struggle to find a new role outside of parenting, others may admit that they may experience a sense of joy over their children becoming independent young adults, which can result in increased free time. In either case, the quiet of the house marks a time for change. Couples find themselves wondering what comes next. 

From the moment that new parents bring home their baby, their children become their priority, occupying most of their attention. Some couples may even admit that they lose part of their connection in their effort to be the best parents they can be. Usually having children in the house means nonstop hustle and bustle. So how do couples adjust to the new normal? 

Reconnecting after an empty nest

Children growing up and moving out can be an exciting time for a couple. Ideally, during this time a couple can reinvent themselves, focusing on their shared ideals, values, and interests. Communication is key to navigate through this next stage of life. Couples need to engage each other to determine what they would like the next stage to look like. Couples can enjoy setting aside time to focus on each other and discuss aspects of their relationship. Couples often recognize that they are very different from the young couple they once were. 

For a couple that is struggling with empty nest syndrome, couples therapy can help transition to the next phase. Couples therapy will help couples to rediscover each other and reignite their mutual bond. Couples should not be willing to settle for the status quo; instead, they should look forward to enjoying this next phase, discovering that the best may be yet to come.

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