Addiction Recovery Support for Professional Women

Addiction Recovery Support for Professional Women

Substance abuse treatment and addiction treatment for professional women is available in Boca Raton.

Did you go from functioning at a high level to not functioning very well at all? The disease of addiction does not discriminate; every human being is vulnerable to this potentially fatal disease. Confidential and supportive addiction recovery support for professional women is available. Each person’s experience with addiction is very personal, as is their approach to recovery, and the process of recovery is complicated and never guaranteed.

Why it may be difficult to seek help

In today’s society, biological and environmental factors impact a woman’s decision to seek treatment, posing additional barriers and complications to treatment. Women are less likely to seek treatment for substance use disorders than men. Furthermore, professional women are confronted with the additional pressures of stigma. At times, professional women fear that they will be vulnerable to the criticism that they are weak. They fear that if their “secret” is revealed they will lose credibility in their professional community.

In addition, there are not many options for continuing care/outpatient services that are specific to professional women dealing with addiction and recovery. The mainstream recovery process usually includes community support groups that are a great resource for individuals who want to stay sober. However, if you are a professional with a job that requires a great deal of anonymity, a polished image, and a demanding work schedule, it all makes ongoing recovery a challenge.

Help is available

If you are a professional woman who has come up with a million different reasons to not commit to a program of recovery, you may want to reconsider. At Boca Raton Family Counseling we are empathetic to the unique circumstances and needs of the professional women seeking recovery. We can provide a safe environment that will offer a comprehensive approach to recovery and complement the extenuating circumstances of professional women in recovery. We offer flexible schedules that will accommodate your work schedule. Using a variety of modalities, our goal is to treat the underlying issues that have led you to substance abuse so that you can resume the life you worked so hard to achieve.

If you want to move forward and regain control over your life, reach out to us today by giving us a call at 561-441-9933 or send us a message through the contact form.

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Rebecca Klasfeld is a licensed clinical social worker in Boca Raton, Florida. If you are ready to believe in the vision of your best life, you are invited to call at 561-441-9933 or fill out the contact form and click send for a free phone consultation. 

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