Addiction Counseling

Addiction Counseling Rebecca Klasfeld, LCSW Boca Raton FLAIs Addiction Hurting You or Someone You Love?

Are you struggling to control your drinking, drug use, shopping, gambling or other compulsive behavior? Does it feel like your life is spiraling out of control? Maybe you are increasingly unable to fulfill your responsibilities at work or at home. You might feel like you can’t enjoy life anymore and you only feel good when you are engaging in your addictive behavior. You may feel desperate and despairing, as though you are trapped in a dark cycle that you don’t know how to escape. Do you try to act as though you are functioning well, but feel like a failure and wonder why you can’t just cope like everyone else does? Maybe you have promised yourself that you will stop and feel helpless and hopeless when you can’t. Do you wish you could stop feeling broken and start living with greater productivity and accountability?

Or, is someone that you care about – perhaps your child – not living up to his or her potential and engaging in self-destructive behaviors? You may wonder what happened to the beautiful person that you used to know. Maybe you spend most of your day worrying about your loved one and live in fear that one day you will receive the call that he or she is seriously injured or dead. You might feel drained after bailing your loved one out over and over again. Do you wish you could stop living with constant fear and frustration and find a way to truly help your loved one heal?

Many People Struggle With Addiction

Whether you are facing your own challenges with addiction or worrying about the behaviors of someone you love, you are not alone. Addiction is an insidious and devastating disease. It wreaks havoc on not only the individuals suffering from the disease, but also impacts their families. Many parents worry about their child – whether a teenager or an adult – using drugs, especially marijuana. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell when a behavior is simply a habit and when it has grown into addiction.

It is very common for people to try to use substances, shopping, gambling or sex in order to cope with difficult emotions and challenging situations. Many people come from traumatic backgrounds and turn to addictive behaviors in an attempt to bury distressing memories and emotions. However, when these behaviors become all-consuming, begin to interrupt a person’s ability to function well or lead to dangerous situations, it may be time to seek professional help. Thankfully, with the support and guidance of an experienced therapist, you or your loved one can begin to break out of destructive patterns.

Addiction Counseling Can Lead to Healing and Relief

For 20 years I have worked with people struggling with addiction, and I am passionate about helping people break free of the cycles that are holding them back. If you feel trapped by compulsive drinking, drug use, gambling, shopping or another other behavior, addiction counseling can empower you to make your own, healthy and productive choices again. With help and individualized, solution-focused support, you can begin to navigate life’s challenges in a healthier way and find a path that feels hopeful and fulfilling.

I am dedicated to helping you clarify your true values and identify your life goals. While I work with compassion, I also want you to experience real change in your life. During individual sessions, we can unpack buried traumas and process old hurts as you develop the skills you need to more effectively cope with stress and conflict. You can practice emotional regulation and learn how to truly feel your emotions again, without pushing them aside. You don’t have to feel numb, disconnected and afraid of your feelings anymore.

If you are a parent who is unsure of your child’s drug use or worried about your child’s behavior, I can work with you as a whole family. You can learn how to create an environment that will optimize your child’s chances for recovery and greater life success. With your active engagement and care, your child can heal from addiction.

Regardless of what you are struggling with, addiction counseling can help you work toward a satisfying life. I like to ask the Miracle Question – if you woke up tomorrow and everything in your life was all right, what would that look like? Through addiction counseling, I can help you visualize your ideal life and identify the things that are blocking your way. You can get rid of those barriers. With help, you can begin to heal from your addiction and start living the life you want.


You may believe that addiction counseling can help you or your loved one live a happier, healthier life, but still have questions or concerns…


Walk and Talk TherapyAddiction counseling will be too expensive.

If you are struggling with addiction, it is important to remember that you only have one life. I encourage you to consider how much time, money and energy you have dedicated to addiction. The costs of addiction often include relationships, careers and a sense of self-worth. Therapy is an investment in your long-term well-being.

I feel like you are going to take my only way of coping away from me.

Self-defeating voices often accompany addiction. These voices tell you that you are broken, or that you can’t change, or that there is no other way. Your self-defeating thoughts may be telling you that you can’t function without your addictive behaviors, but this is not true. I can help you challenge the thoughts that are keeping you stuck and develop new coping skills so that you can truly engage in life again.

I don’t know if my child or loved one really even has a problem.

Do you feel as though your loved one is falling short of his or her potential? If your loved one seems unable to be his or her best self, or if you are spending most of your time worry about him or her, it may be time to encourage treatment.

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As a professional therapist, Rebecca Klasfeld can offer a free initial assessment in order to identify what your loved one is going through. As an unbiased third party, she is trained to recognize addiction and recommend treatment.

You or your loved one can live without the pains and limitations of addiction. You are invited to call 561-441-9933 for a free phone consultation or initial assessment. Rebecca Klasfeld is happy to answer any questions about addiction treatment and her practice.